Artists: Antonello Teora, Hadone, Stefano Moretti, Under Black Helmet, Rommwick, Moerbeck, Joe Farr, Janzon, WYAD
Title: Golden Circle 001
Labels: Code Is Law
Catalog: GC001
Release Date: 2018-05-28
Genres: Techno

  1. Antonello Teora – Sometimes Everything Is Fine (Original Mix)
  2. Hadone – The New Face Of Education (Original Mix)
  3. Stefano Moretti – Raw Attack (Original Mix)
  4. Under Black Helmet – Choke (Original Mix)
  5. Rommwick – Zunt (Original Mix)
  6. Moerbeck – Brain Hack (Original Mix)
  7. Moerbeck, Joe Farr – Brain Hack (Joe Farr Remix)
  8. Janzon – Priest (Original Mix)
  9. WYAD – Thao (Original Mix)

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